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A SQL Consultants 5 Tips To Improve MSSQL Performance

Monitor & Profile Your Server

One of the very first steps that you must take when the goal is to improve your MSSQL database performance is to monitor your server, as expert consultants in MSSQL we want to offer you some practical advise to improve your server performance.

Take a look at all the data that is being used, take a look at all the various request, take a look at which aspects of your database gets the most use, what is the most frequent call? What is the most frequent query? Which hardware pieces show the most strain? All of this investigated work will help you improve the performance of your database by allowing you to know which parts need to be upgraded.

Choose The Right Hardware

Choosing the right hardware is definitely a fundamental and foundational part of running a server of any kind. Not having the right hardware can put a huge strain on your database and on your network. Some companies may start out with the wrong hardware only to realize that they have the wrong hardware as the company grows, when things become more critical, this is when they find out that they are not properly prepared for the type of work that they do. Upgrading to better hardware is always the right choice. It will always protect you against all the problems that are likely to happen.

Have Enough CPU Power

Continuing with the idea that you need to have the right hardware, how good is your CPU power? Is your CPU always spiking, does it throttle, is it getting a rough workout every time calls are made to your database? Upgrading your server to one that has a stronger CPU might just be the ticket for higher efficiency, higher performance and a more robust MSSQL database. Looking at your hardware first definitely is a foundational step to having a strong database that can take just about anything that is strong at it. So do your homework.

Do You Have Enough RAM?

How tough is your memory? Not having enough RAM will definitely cause your database to slow down. MSSQL databases are especially prone to memory issues when there are not enough. So take a look at your RAM, make sure that you have enough memory for the workload that your server has to do. Make sure that it has enough memory for the amount of data calls that come across your network. During all of the above will create a more robust network, a more robust server, and environment that is able to handle everything that is strong at your database. Definitely a fundamental piece of database efficiency.

How Does Your Disk Space Look?

Relational database always take up a lot of disk space. Not only do you need ample disk space, it needs to be running on the right hardware. Take a look at how much disk space you have, take a look at how fast the read/write speed is. Determine if it is enough for the type of work that you do and if it needs to be upgraded. Perhaps the server that you are using is the weakest part of your entire database. You always need to have the right hardware for the job. The wrong hardware will always cause problems.

Is Your Network Bottleneck Proof

When looking at all the possible ways in which performance can be hindered, your network itself might be the culprit. It might not be beefy enough to handle the amount of request, the traffic, calls and all the other things that go across your network. Take a look into developing a network that is stronger, that is more robust, that is made to handle the workload that you call upon it each and every day. This is one of those fundamental things that cannot be overlooked. So get at it immediately.

Properly Organize Tasks

Call In The Experts sometimes there’s only so much that you can do. You can Google all the information that you can find, you might be able to read a lot of information in different books, but you still will not have the knowledge that it takes to handle the problem. If you want complete MSSQL performance efficiency, call in an expert who can help you. Someone whose job is to understand these things.

How SSD Improves Hosting Performance

Out With The Old

Mechanical part disk drives are obsolete. It is time to go out with the old and in with the new. There’s no reason why any modern computer should not come with a solid-state drive. The old mechanical disk drives that all of us grew up on are slow, they create a lot of heat, they create a lot of noise, and more importantly they are not efficient.

We Are in a Data Heavy World

We live in a data heavy world. The Internet is full of information that we do not see, functions on our computer that are running behind the scenes, more than ever computers are called on to do much more. Even the simplest app on your computer uses a lot of data recalls, a lot of read and write functions that a traditional mechanical hard drive simply cannot keep up compared with a SSD.

SSD Equals Speed

SSD is No Less Than 10 Times Faster than HD

Unfortunately for people who only have a hard disk drive, for companies who only manufacture mechanical hard disk drives, they are 10 times slower than the most average cheapest SSD that can be found on the market. Mechanical hard disk drives are simply old technology whose day has passed. Especially when you look at the low prices of SSD there’s no excuse not to have.

SSD are Available at Faster Read/Write Speeds

The super speedy read and write speeds of SSD is simply amazing. There able to read and write data and several gigabytes speed, making routine functions on the computer blazing fast. Making working with data both on your computer locally and remotely a lot faster. Many old computers can be updated, refreshed, can see new life by simply adding in an SSD. It is simply one of the best upgrades that can make the biggest difference for a little bit of money. In the majority of cases, and SSD upgrade does more for performance than upgrading physical RAM.

SSD Improves Overall Computer Performance

Every Function Improves

Some people hear that an SSD improves speed, but they mistakenly think only about very data intensive type of work. Perhaps working with databases and spreadsheets, certain kinds of photography and video software. What they do not realize is that every computer, no matter the task that you’re doing, it is constantly pulling data, it is constantly reading and writing information, it is constantly running services behind the scenes that require transfer of data. An SSD improves the overall functionality of the computer. Making it much faster, making it much more efficient and easier to use.

Computers Constantly Call on Data

We cannot reiterate enough that computers are consistently calling upon data. In every task that you do your computer is running a thousand different services. This is one of the reasons why a hard disk drive is much lower. It has to physically spin around, create heat and go through all these different revolutions just to pull data. This is obviously much slower and hurts performance and causes heat. A solid-state drive does not have to do any of that, it can pull data at no less than 10 times faster than the fastest hard disk drive.

It is Physics!

Mechanical Hard Drive

It is just not a new technology intended to take your money, it is not just hype, it is science, it is physics! A mechanical hard drive simply cannot keep up with the solid-state drive because of the way that it is engineered. A mechanical drive is well, mechanical. It has to physically spin at high revolutions in order to pull data, to read or to write, it has to physically spin around, it makes a lot of heat, a lot of noise, all of this causes it to slow down, it means that it can only read and write data as fast as it can spin around. It also means that solid-state drives have a much lower lifespan than an SSD. It’s because of this physical nature of having to spin around quickly over and over again that it is slow, increases heat, that it quickly wears out over time

Solid State Drive

A solid-state drive does not have to do any of the above. It is, well, self-explanatory, it is in a solid-state. There are no mechanical functions to speed up or slow down– it’s state is solid. It speed is based on how it was created to run, very similar to how the physical RAM created. SSD runs without creating heat, without mechanical movement, without all the things that flows down a hard disk drive. This is why in the future you can expect 30 GB per second read/write times.

Only Consider an SSD

If you need to update your current computer, if you’re looking for greater performance, you are in the situation where you have a dead drive and it has to be replaced, only consider an SSD. Think about all the things we have talked about in this article. It is very easy to tell that choosing an SSD is the very best solution. Not only is it much faster, it runs a lot cooler, it is far more reliable, it is unlikely to wear out in the same way that a physical hard disk drive will do within time. Definitely a great innovation that has superior utilitarian value.

4 Tips For Picking A Hosting Company

Not All Are Created Equally

Who you choose as your web hosting company can make or break your website. The most important things are customer service and reliability. Not all companies can provide those two things equally. Even customer service is something that is variable not just on if a company is kind or not, if they can answer your questions, but some companies are for more advanced users have some more for less advanced users. So you must be careful when you pick your web hosting company.

Know Your Needs

Understanding your level of knowledge, the services that you need to host your website, understanding your ability at this time, understanding the very basics of running a website and choosing your host based on those things. If you have a more complex website more experience, the you might need more services, you you might need more complexity and options.

Know Where You Are Headed

We can talk about knowing your needs which is typically talking about what you need at the very moment. Something that is also worth talking about when choosing a hosting company is where you plan to go as a company. You might not expect your website to get more than a few hundred views per month at this time. But if your goal is to do search engine optimization, to do pay per click marketing, to provide some really high quality content people love, then you are planning or success. Planning for success might mean that you’re going to have a lot of traffic coming to your website. So you might need to future proof your choice, you might need to go ahead and buy more data, choose a package that is intended for people get a lot of traffic, maybe even choose a hosting company who can set up a virtual private server or dedicated server for you. Where you are is not where you end. Future proofing your chores is very important.

Find The Best Companies

It is always a very wise choice to stick with the most popular and best companies around. These are not only the companies who advertised the most, but the companies who the majority of website owners will suggest to people. In a later section we will talk about the importance of reputation, but let’s talk about a little bit here. The companies that are recommended the most typically the companies who have the best reputation. There known to be extremely reliable. Reliability is so important when it comes to choosing a host because a company with the unreliable data feed will cause your website not to appear on the Internet. Companies with a great reputation will have the best software and will be the easiest to use.

Choose Based On Your Experience

A very important point that we cannot over emphasize is that who you choose as your web hosting company should be based on your level of experience. Believe it or not, some web hosting companies are great for people with intermediate to advanced skills, but will be a nightmare for people who do not possess the experience with hosting a website. Choosing a web hosting company who is new to be friendly is very important if you don’t have any experience, if you are not technically inclined, if you don’t like to Google to figure things out.

Reputation Matters

When searching for a quality hosting company, understand that reputation matters the most. Your goal is to find a hosting company who has one of the best reputations. Reputation matter so much because reliability is one of the most important things when it comes to hosting a website. Not all web hosting companies will have quality data feeds, they will not have the same level of uptime, they will not all be able to help you in the same way. Reputation and investigating it is the one way that you can know for company will be a good fit for you or not.

Make your Choice

So you have read one of the best articles that you can find on the subject matter of picking a web hosting company. Your next step is to actually use the information that was shared to pick your web hosting company. Hopefully, you’ll put this good information into immediate action, and have your website up and running in no time at all. This is information that is immediately actionable so please use it as such.

Webhosting For Beginners: Getting Started

What is Webhosting?

Think of your website as a piece of real estate. Your website is not a piece of land, it is simply the physical structure that is built on land. Now, think of web hosting as the land that your home will be built on. Your website must exist on a quality piece of land. Finding the right web hosting company is very important. In this article. The talk about all the fundamental information that you need to know.

Who You Choose is Important

Not all web hosting companies are created the same, they all have different levels of quality, different services, different available selections, different server types, different tools that you can use, different preloaded applications that can be beneficial to your business. The biggest difference that you will find a lot is in the level of professionalism, the level of customer service, the level of interaction that you will have with the company, their ability to problem solve any issues that you might have, the ability to help you quickly get up and running. It is wise to stick with the companies who have the biggest and best reputation. This doesn’t mean going with the biggest companies you find, but going with the companies with the best reputation and prices.

Finding a quality web hosting company is not all that difficult at all. Find the customers who are the happiest, who leave the best reviews, who leave the best ratings and who share the happiest testimonies, and you quickly find the right web hosting company that will be a great fit for you and your business.

You might also need to choose your web host company based on the type of goals that you have for your business. If you plan on doing a lot on the Internet, if you’re likely to see a lot of traffic, shared web hosting might not be for you, you might need a virtual private server or a dedicated server because you need your IP address, your company’s data and all other such things segregated anyone else. You can’t do that on shared web hosting because you and other people will shared the same IP address. Shared web hosting is a great thing but a certain level of traffic and data protection, it is better to go with a virtual private server or a dedicated server.

Selecting The Right Plan

What you will quickly find out is that when you research web hosting companies they all offer different types of packages for different types of customers. They typically offer a beginner friendly package, an intermediate package and an advanced package. They typically also offer other services such as virtual private server and dedicated server packages. The type of package that you choose will depend on what you plan to do with your website and your business. A lot of people starting out might benefit from a beginner focus package, but at the same time a more intermediate package might be better because it will allow them to host multiple websites under their account.

You might then choose to go with a virtual private server because you want your own IP address which might help with Internet marketing and more importantly email marketing. Your business might become big and popular on the Internet and having your own IP and private server will become highly beneficial to you.

Choosing the right package all depends on where you are at this stage in your business. It is our overall recommendation that if you can afford it, to go with the intermediate package. It is our belief that the majority of people will need more than one website. Even if you don’t realize it at this point, even if you’re running a singular business, the ability to have multiple domains hosted under your account is highly beneficial.

Get Started Today

As you can see, understanding web hosting is a very simple thing. It is simple because it is a very fundamental concept that has been around with us for almost 35 years. Understanding web hosting is a fundamental skill that any person who wants to own a website or do business on the Internet should understand. In this article, we talked about the basics of web hosting, how to find the right company, and how to choose the right web hosting package for your business. Hopefully, you will put this information into very good use.

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