Out With The Old

Mechanical part disk drives are obsolete. It is time to go out with the old and in with the new. There’s no reason why any modern computer should not come with a solid-state drive. The old mechanical disk drives that all of us grew up on are slow, they create a lot of heat, they create a lot of noise, and more importantly they are not efficient.

We Are in a Data Heavy World

We live in a data heavy world. The Internet is full of information that we do not see, functions on our computer that are running behind the scenes, more than ever computers are called on to do much more. Even the simplest app on your computer uses a lot of data recalls, a lot of read and write functions that a traditional mechanical hard drive simply cannot keep up compared with a SSD.

SSD Equals Speed

SSD is No Less Than 10 Times Faster than HD

Unfortunately for people who only have a hard disk drive, for companies who only manufacture mechanical hard disk drives, they are 10 times slower than the most average cheapest SSD that can be found on the market. Mechanical hard disk drives are simply old technology whose day has passed. Especially when you look at the low prices of SSD there’s no excuse not to have.

SSD are Available at Faster Read/Write Speeds

The super speedy read and write speeds of SSD is simply amazing. There able to read and write data and several gigabytes speed, making routine functions on the computer blazing fast. Making working with data both on your computer locally and remotely a lot faster. Many old computers can be updated, refreshed, can see new life by simply adding in an SSD. It is simply one of the best upgrades that can make the biggest difference for a little bit of money. In the majority of cases, and SSD upgrade does more for performance than upgrading physical RAM.

SSD Improves Overall Computer Performance

Every Function Improves

Some people hear that an SSD improves speed, but they mistakenly think only about very data intensive type of work. Perhaps working with databases and spreadsheets, certain kinds of photography and video software. What they do not realize is that every computer, no matter the task that you’re doing, it is constantly pulling data, it is constantly reading and writing information, it is constantly running services behind the scenes that require transfer of data. An SSD improves the overall functionality of the computer. Making it much faster, making it much more efficient and easier to use.

Computers Constantly Call on Data

We cannot reiterate enough that computers are consistently calling upon data. In every task that you do your computer is running a thousand different services. This is one of the reasons why a hard disk drive is much lower. It has to physically spin around, create heat and go through all these different revolutions just to pull data. This is obviously much slower and hurts performance and causes heat. A solid-state drive does not have to do any of that, it can pull data at no less than 10 times faster than the fastest hard disk drive.

It is Physics!

Mechanical Hard Drive

It is just not a new technology intended to take your money, it is not just hype, it is science, it is physics! A mechanical hard drive simply cannot keep up with the solid-state drive because of the way that it is engineered. A mechanical drive is well, mechanical. It has to physically spin at high revolutions in order to pull data, to read or to write, it has to physically spin around, it makes a lot of heat, a lot of noise, all of this causes it to slow down, it means that it can only read and write data as fast as it can spin around. It also means that solid-state drives have a much lower lifespan than an SSD. It’s because of this physical nature of having to spin around quickly over and over again that it is slow, increases heat, that it quickly wears out over time

Solid State Drive

A solid-state drive does not have to do any of the above. It is, well, self-explanatory, it is in a solid-state. There are no mechanical functions to speed up or slow down– it’s state is solid. It speed is based on how it was created to run, very similar to how the physical RAM created. SSD runs without creating heat, without mechanical movement, without all the things that flows down a hard disk drive. This is why in the future you can expect 30 GB per second read/write times.

Only Consider an SSD

If you need to update your current computer, if you’re looking for greater performance, you are in the situation where you have a dead drive and it has to be replaced, only consider an SSD. Think about all the things we have talked about in this article. It is very easy to tell that choosing an SSD is the very best solution. Not only is it much faster, it runs a lot cooler, it is far more reliable, it is unlikely to wear out in the same way that a physical hard disk drive will do within time. Definitely a great innovation that has superior utilitarian value.